Yara Ma Yha Who
Yara ma yha who.jpg
Type Demon
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Unknown
Country Australia
Habitat Unknown
Possible Population Unknown


Yara Ma Yha Who is a blood-sucking creature from aboriginal folklore that lurks in the treetops until a person would walk under it, then it would leap from the tree onto the person, suck almost all its blood then it would swallow them whole. After swallowing the poor soul, it would regurgitate the person up, take a drink of water and nap, then wake up to puke the person out over and over and as it does this, he/she will become shorter and redder each time until they themselves become a Yara Ma Yha Who.


It resembles a little red frog-like man or woman, about 4 feet tall, with red hair and skin. It has an enlarged mouth with no teeth. It has suckers on the tips of its fingers that it uses to suck the blood out of its victims, which are usually people. It can unhinge its jaw like a snake.


Its method of attack is clever and scores it unlucky humans. It drops down from trees, usually fig trees, onto the person, then grabs the human's arm and uses the suckers on its fingers to suck up the blood before running away. It later returns and eats the victim whole and vomits it out for an easy meal the next time. Eventually after the Yara a a who has stopped this revolting process, the victim will have turned into one of the creatures itself.

Possible Explanation

It could be an unknown variety of tarsier, a primate from Southeast Asia, with fingers that have an appearance resembling suction cups. There are some problems with that theory, as tarsiers are relatively harmless, and far smaller than the Yara Ma Yha Who. They also do not live in Australia as far as we know.




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