Shinto rendering of Yaoshikepu

Yaoshikepu (ヤオシケプ) is a part-human-part-spider kami that haunts the town of Abuta Toyoura in Hokkaidō, Japan. Yaoshikepu was eventually transformed into an octopus (Akkorokamui) and was cast into the [[::Category:Oceanic Cryptids|sea]]. Since then, she has been sighted for many centuries.

This creature is also known as Yushkep Kamuy (goddess of the spiders) or Ashketanne Mat (Long-fingered Woman). [1]

The Legend

Once, spirits cursed Rebunge, a villager of Abuta Toyoura, to see the destruction of his town. They sent a part-spider-part-human creature, Yaoshikepu, to fulfill the curse. Yaoshikepu caused rampant destruction throughout the town, slaughtering so many innocents that the streets were filled with crimson blood. After hearing the townsfolk tremble with fear, the sea kami, Repunkamui, transformed Yaoshikepu into an octopus and cast her into the sea. After Yaoshikepu was cast into the sea, she has been constantly sighted for centuries. [2]


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