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Type Serpiente acuática
First Sighting Desconocido
Last Sighting Desconocido
Country Peru, Brasil y Colombia
Habitat Selva amazónica
Possible Population Pequeña

General information[]

The Yacumama is a large snake, up to 60 meters in length, that is said to inhabit the Amazon river basin. Local shamans say that the Yacumama travels to an area called the Boiling river. In the local legends, the Yacumama is said to be the mother of all marine life, it has the ability to suck up any living thing that passes within 100 paces. The locals would blow on a conch horn before entering the river, believing that after hearing the noise, the serpent would reveal itself if it was within the area.


In the 1900s, a boat of 2 men went to put an explosive into the river, in hopes to kill the Yacumama. After it detonated, the snake rose from the river covered in blood, but not dead. The snake swam off, and left the men fearful.

Possible explanations[]

Some people believe this creature to be the extinct snake known as titanoboa, a snake that grew to around 12 meters, and some scientists speculate that it may have grown larger.