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The Wulver is a single werewolf that is said to live on the Shetland Islands. Unlike other werewolves, the Wulver does not shapeshift. The Wulver seems different from other werewolves as he is gentle and known for helping people.


The Wulver always looks like a wolf with a man's head.  


The Wulver lives alone in a cave and fishes.  You can see him fishing on top of a rock called the Wulver's stone.  He is also seen helping travellers find their way to towns and cities.  For poor families, he always puts fish onto their windowsill. If a family is mourning a loss, he can be seen paying his respects outside their house.


A supposed modern sighting of the wulver is said to have occurred in the Hebrides, southwest of the Shetlands, in the 19th Century. The witness, Andrew Warren, claimed that his grandfather had dug up a human skeleton with a wolf's head, and that after the skeleton was taken back to his house, the creature itself appeared outside the window. The next day, Warren's grandfather reinterred the bones. Similar stories, including an almost identical account from Merionethshire, are told of "earthbound" werewolves in Europe.


Doctor Susan Schoon Eberly suggested the legend of the wulver may have a basis in a human being with a medical condition such as Hunter syndrome.