Wood Booger
Type Hairy Hominoid; Unknown Pongid
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Late 2010's
Country Southeast USA
Habitat Mixed Forests
Possible Population Large

The Wood Booger is a type of Bigfoot or Hairy Humanoid that lives in the mid Appalachian Mountains. The name "Wood Booger" was given to the creature because it was often rumored to carry off young children like the boogy man. This cryptid was featured in the Animal Planet TV show Finding Bigfoot. There have been a particularly large amount of sightings outside the town of Saltville, Virginia. This small town is also the center of numerous Devil Monkey sightings and reports, indicating that the area is a great habitat for Hairy Humanoids.

A Second Species?

Some believe that some Bigfoot encounters in more south eastern spots of the US may actually be a different subspecies of Bigfoot. Wood boogers differentiate from Bigfoot encountered in the Pacific Northwest in varying degrees such as a smaller size and sometimes being more aggressive than their northern counterparts.

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