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Fearsome critters - (1910)

Whirling whimpus

Fearsome Critters - (2008)The creature about to kill a lumberjack.

The Whirling Whimpus (Turbinoccissus nebuloides) is a Sasquatch-type creature that was said to be responsible for the many disappearances of lumberjacks in the North American woods.

The whirling whimpus is said to be a blood-thirsty 7 foot tall gorilla-like animal that easily fools any animal or person possible. When it senses prey coming down a pathway, it hides, usually at the bend of the trail. Then as the victim comes nearer, the Whirling Whimpus begins to spin around on one foot or hoof quickly which renders it practically invisible.

As it does this, the wind emits a low droning sound that seems to be coming from the trees above. As the prey looks up, trying to locate the sound, the Whimpus attacks and kills the poor creature mercilessly, making it into molasses or maple syrup!


It has many gorilla-like features, but a few make the whimpus special. It stands at a Bigfoot-sized 7 feet tall, has a black fat body and is scarcely covered in fur. Its legs are sometimes said to be horse-like with hooves.

The Whirling Whimpus' favorite meals are people, turkey, deer, cows, even bears. Bears find them quite delectable when paired with fine red wine, so whimpuses beware when hunting. It spins at a stunning 2,150 r.p.m. and usually only performs this act at sundown.

In Fearsome Creatures (2015) the Whirling Whimpus is a gorilla with horns, one hoofed leg, two giant arms and hands, a bare chest with well-developed nipples and a six pack and a long pimply tongue. Its scientific name is Vertex species.

Whirling Whimpus

Fearsome Creatures (2015)

Further reading[]

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