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Leyak by scythemantis-d5p0ya5 "As unpredictable—and probably just as controversial—as UFOs, Leyak are a supernatural phenomenon most feared by many Indonesians."

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The Weretiger or Werecat, also known as the Harimau jadian in other countries is a feline cryptid said to inhabit the forests of Asia.


Altough some variations of the beast exist, most agree that the creature looks like an humanoid tiger. Altough In some countries, Weretigers are humans with the ability to shapeshift into a tiger.

Usually, the cryptid would eat human livestock, altough it was not uncommon for them to eat humans.


Weretigers have not been seen in recent years, this might be do to the dwindling tiger population.



Dungeons and Dragon's depiction of a weretiger

Chinese zodiac year of the tiger by orion35-dam0xb2