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Werehyena is mythological creature from East Africa and Near East, unlike the Werewolf that portrayed as being originally human, the werehyena in many lore is described as a hyena that is disguised as human.

From Many Cultures

In former Bornu Empire of Africa, the Werehyena was called Bultungin. It was once traditionally believed that one or two of the villages in the region was populated entirely by werehyenas.

In Ethiopia, traditionally every blacksmith was actually a witch that could change to hyena, These blacksmith werehyenas are believed to rob graves at midnight and are referred to as bouda, belief of bouda is also present in other African mythology.

In the folklore of western Sudanic peoples, there is a hybrid creature, a human who is nightly transformed into a cannibalistic monster that terrorizes people, especially lovers. The creature is often portrayed as a magically powerful healer, blacksmith, or woodcutter in its human form, but recognizable through signs like a hairy body, red and gleaming eyes and a nasal voice.

Arab folklore tells of how hyenas can mesmerize victims with their eyes or sometimes with their pheromones, the hyenas also believed to be a vampire.

A Persian medical treatise written in 1376 tells how to cure people known as kaftar, who are said to be “half-man, half-hyena,” who have the habit of slaughtering children.

The Greeks, until the end of the 19th century, believed that the bodies of werewolves, if not destroyed, would haunt battlefields as vampiric hyenas which drank the blood of dying soldiers.