Thalassodromeus, the pterosaur from South America.

- is a pterosaurian-looking cryptid from Kurupira tepui, South America. It's quite an obscure creature, especially when compared to other pterosaur cryptids like the Kongamato and Ropen. 


It is described as a pterosaur - like flying creature. It is said their wingspans can be over 20 feet. It possesses the huge crest on the back of its head and a long, sharp beak. It is only seen during the day, so it is believed to be diurnal. In the local folklore, it is the mother of all vampire bats.


In 1997, one person saw the washoriwe near the watefall at Kurupira. Some gold-prospectors have seen and attacked by the creature too. 


  • A living pterosaur.
  • A large bat, though the crest makes this seem unlikely.
  • A new species of bird.


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