The Wampus Beast also known as the Wampus Cat are large panther/cat-like creatures with glowing eyes. Cherokee folklore says that a Cherokee woman distrusted her husband, and was curious about his whereabouts while he hunted, so she put on an animal's hide and spied on her husband. Moments later, guards found her and cast spells on her, and the hides were formed onto her. This created the legend of the Wampus Beast. Most of these sightings take place in Appalachia. Willy McQuillian from the AIMS team on the show Mountain Monsters encountered it when he was 9 years old. His parents told him to get something from the shed late at night. He went out and became face-to-face with a jet-black panther-like creature with glowing eyes. The creature gave a weird high-pitch hissing like sound, which frightened him back inside his house. Many years later, on his same farm, he had the same kind of encounter with the beast, exactly like the encounter he had as a 9 year old, he also lost a lot of his pigs to the beast. Another encounter around the same area happened when a lady was driving a school bus late at night and a creature that was black and large leaped out of the woods in front of the bus.

Folklore say that it was a witch late at night that turned herself into a unusual cat-like creature.

It is rumored to stay in sewers in the day and have a repulsive stench.

Another rumor of it is that it kidnaps children.

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