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The Walker County Creature is an unknown animal that lives in Walker County, Alabama. An Animal Planet documentary about a supposed attack by it titled I Was Bitten: The Walker County Incident aired May 22, 2015. Unlike a lot of Animal Planet's specials, this appears to be real for a number of reasons:

  1. Animal Planet didn't make an announcement to say it was fictional.
  2. There was no cast list at the end.
  3. Much of the information given by locals is potentially true, and some of them could have just given incorrect information.

However, most of it seems scripted for numerous reasons. You can find more information on the movie at its IMDb page.


Dates and the last names of witnesses are unknown.

  • Daniel was bitten by this creature. He has been left with scars that appear to be an acid burn.
  • Justin caught a glimpse of this creature
  • Jameson was driving and saw this creature crossing the road. He totaled his car and he injured five vertebrae, broke his sternum and had three pinched nerves.
  • Daniel and the Animal Planet producers caught a pair of eyes on film and heard growling.
  • Daniel, his wife Krystal, his mom, his stepfather, Justin, Jameson and the Animal Planet producers heard growling and chased the creature. The creature disappeared but they found people in white hazmat suits. One of them puts their hand in front of the camera and the documentary ends.
    • Identities of the people in hazmat suits are unknown.


Daniel said that it looked like a bear and a gorilla had a baby. Jameson couldn't tell if it was walking on two legs or four. It has also been described as a canine.

Other Occurrences[]

Justin mentioned that he used to work at a tennis court in (REDACTED) and mentioned seeing mutant spiders. Some parts of the county are radioactive. A strange mist was filmed coming out of the woods and it wasn't fog. Residents have been reportedly hearing loud noises coming from nowhere.