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The Vampire Beast (colloquially known as the Beast of Bladenboro or Vampire Cat) is a large monster identified with vampiric qualities that made several livestock and pet killings in Bladenboro, North Carolina in December of 1954. It lasted for ten days. In 2007 the beast returned but in other regions such as Bolivia, Greensboro and Lexington.

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The killings first happened on December 29, 1954, when a farmer reported that a large cat-like beast had attacked one of his dogs and dragged it into the underbrush. More killings happened on New Years Day, 1955, when two dogs were found dead, all of their blood was drained out. The next day two more dogs were attacked by the mystery predator.

On January 6, 1954, a 21-year-old mother named Mrs. C.E. Kinlaw walked outside one morning at 7:30 am and saw the beast stalking towards her. She screamed and ran inside the house. Her husband ran outside with a shotgun and saw that the beast had left cat-like paw prints.

A farmer also reported that a mystery creature had killed three of his hogs, some of his cows, and one of his goats. The goat's head was fat and fritter. People also heard weird noises that sounded cat like, and some that sounded like a baby crying and a woman screaming.

Locals reported seeing a creature that was part bear and part panther, it was three to four feet long, twenty inches high, and weighed 150 pounds. It had brownish and tabby, bushy fur. The beast also had runty looking ears with a long tail and a cat-like face. These were the only descriptions of the Vampire Beast.

The town's police chief, Roy Fores, organized a hunt for the creature but came up empty handed. When the Mayor, W.G. Fussell, told the newspapers about the creature, the beast got national publicity and hunters came all the way from Tennessee. Newspapers from Arizona to New York gave coverage to the hunt for the beast.

Meanwhile the town was in chaos. Children were not allowed out at night and men stormed the forests with guns trying to find the creature. After a large bobcat was killed by hunters Fores and Fussell, this ended the search. After that, things started to settle down again.


The beast returned to North Carolina in 2007, bringing more surprises and fear with it. In Lexington, 60 goats were found with their blood drained and their heads crushed. Thirty miles away in Greensboro, another farmer lost his goats in the same way.

In Bolivia, a man named Bill Robinson lost his pit bull to the creature. He buried it, but the next day it was in the same location where it was killed. Four days later, another resident, Leon Williams, found his pit bull dead, it was covered in blood and it was missing a few body parts. There was no sign of a struggle, which is strange for a pit bull. Other places lost a total of ten dogs in just two weeks. More tracks were found, these ones measured 4 and a half inches in diameter.



A close up of its face.

In 2008, TV show MonsterQuest did a search for the beast. They concluded that what people may have been seeing, and what may have been killing their animals, was a cougar. However, the cougar has been dismissed as extinct throughout the east coast of America, except the tip of Florida.