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  • I live in The place God brought me
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is I'm broke as a joke
  • I am Female no judging
  • TheCryptidRaptorAckerman

    Ningen is really interesting to think about. Out of all humanoids, I think Ningen is my favorite. It's just a rather interesting animal. It's large size, yet human-like body...the fact that it doesn't really move too much, and it is just controlled by the current...I wonder what it eats,or if it eats at all. A deep sea animal as this one, is very beautiful and harmless as far as we know, and I think I'd be interested in seeing one up close. I wonder what the babies of it look like.

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  • TheCryptidRaptorAckerman

    As I've read through these cryptids, I've noticed that many of the animals seen here can be easily matched up with prehistoric animals. If you put enough effort into it, you'll find that about 30% of these animals could be listed in the dinosaurs and pterosaurs section. I decided from here on out I'm going to put in effort and research to try to find logical explanations for these creatures.

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