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The Yeti

The Yeti is a mysterious and unknown creature that has long inhabited the remote and mostly uninhabited Himalayan Mountains in central Asia, including Nepal, Tibet, China, and southern Russia. This almost supernatural and legendary being is an erect bipedal animal that is over six feet tall, weighs between 200 and 400 pounds, is covered with red to gray hair, make a whistling sound, has a bad smell, and is usually nocturnal and secretive. In 1953, a Tibetan lama called Chemed Rigdzin Dorje Lopu claimed to have examined two mummified yetis, one at a monastery in Riwoche and the other in a monastery at Sakya. He described them as:

... enormous monkeys about 2.40 m high. They had thick flat skulls and their bodies were covered with dark brown hair about 3 to 5 cm long. Their tails were extremely short.
Yeti png
Investigating the mystery in the 2000's, Peter Pesavento
emailed both monasteries making inquiries about the mummies. Samten O'Sullivan wrote back on behalf of Riwoche, and revealed that the original monastery had been razed during the Chinese annexation of Tibet in 1950—1951, and its contents had been looted or burnt.

The Film

Over this winter season, I plan on making a short horror film on the legend of the Yeti. The film will hopefully be in the Tibetan language and set in the Himalayan mountains. The story tells of Wang, a Chinese investigator, and his battle for survival in the harsh wilderness. Will he survive the Yeti?  

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