I have found what I consider definitve proof of an Irish Bigfoot. Alright, it could be a hoax, but for me, knowing it's not a hoax, this is proof. I'm really, really sorry, but I haven't posted the video... YET. It will be posted in a few hours, but for now, I'll just describe it. Yes, you're probably laughing at me for not showing the video yet, but by the time you're reading this I've probably already posted it. The video was taken when I saw what I thought might have been a Bigfoot looking at me in the distance [read my other posts to see my experiences with these creatures in Ireland], but I thought it was a stump with some branches around it blowing in the wind. It looked like it was swaying back and forth. I started recording for about twenty seconds, then left, since I thought it was nothing. Looking at the video later, I saw the head of something that looked like the independence day Bigfoot staring at me. I zoom in while filming the video and it's pretty big, so anyone on a laptop, pc, ect. should be able to see it without having to slowly watch it zoomed in frame by frame like I did. I tried to rationalise that it was a stump, until you see it clear as day duck, then get back up. It's definitive proof. If you zoom in close enough, it's eyes [which you can't see, but can tell are there from the brow ridge] blend in with the rest of it's face at certain points, which looks like BLINKING! Blinking! This was the happiest I'd ever been in my life! Even a single dubious picture of what could easily be a stump merely sent in to me would be enough, but clear, real footage, taken in person of a geniune Gruagach? It's just amazing! If anyone has any good editing software aswell as the time, please, once I post the video, if you are able and willing to, help do a simple zoomed version. I'm going to send this in to as many analysts as I can, I'll post it here and I'll post it on facebook and I'll post it on youtube when I get a youtube channel for this stuff, but this is amazing!  EDIT: I've posted the footage here, but it's much blurrier than it was before. You can still see it, but not very well. So there it is, believe it or not, it's a real Gruagach.

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