By now I'm sure most of you will suspect I'm making things up or am just delusional. I can assure you I am neither of those. Now, to the sighting. I was going to see a movie last night for my nephew's birthday. He lives in a kinda shady looking street surrounded by even shadier looking dark alleys. I swear I heard a loud gunshot in there, and there were some really young kids on the street. Well, while driving to his house, we drive through a rural area with alot of open grassland and dense forest connected to Cavehill country park, which, as the name implies, has some caves which are quite difficult to get to. While driving past a small field [maybe a clearing or garden?] at the back of somebody's house, I saw this upright, brown, hairy thing standing there for a second. I thought it could maybe have been the back of a donkey, but I don't think it was. Honestly it looked more like a bear standing upright than a Bigfoot. Incase you don't know, UK bears are seen on occaison, but the majority of cases tend to describe more Bigfoot-like creatures, but there aren't any sightings in Ireland, and, incase you know literally nothing about the UK, it has no bears. Not even Scotland and Ireland. Any thoughts? Also, it looked alot like this, more than likely fake, photo:
Fulton County Bigfoot

Only it was facing the other way, was brown, and had long, dirty looking hair.

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