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Urayuli Drawing

Alaska Monsters; Hairy Man interpretation

Urayuli are allegedly ape-like creatures that live in Southwestern Alaska. Stories of the Urayuli describe them as standing 10 feet tall with long shaggy fur and luminescent eyes. They are said to emit a high pitch cry, resembling that of a loon. Their long, lanky arms have been described as reaching down to their ankles.


Rumored to live in the forests near the area of Lake Iliamna, the Urayuli are said to be peaceful creatures, unlike the Kushtaka of Southeastern Alaska.

It is said the Urayuli are transformed children who become lost in the woods at night. It is possible that this tale was started to keep children indoors at night.

A similar cryptid monster, dubbed the Hairy Man, has many of the same features. This Bigfoot-like creature was spotted near Valdez, Alaska, which is in the south. There are two things different though; the Hairy Man seems to be more aggressive than the Urayuli, and there seems to be more than a single Hairy Man. The Urayuli and the Hairy Man could be the same cryptid, but do their tempers differ?

In Popular Media

Urayuli card from Inscryption (uploaded to DeviantArt by lmlxqwe)

  • Urayuli appears as a rare card in the 2021 indie horror game Inscryption, having the highest base stats of any playable card in the entire game.

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