Noruegan unknown creature

The Unknown Norwegian Creature, is a species of pig or monstrous wild animal that attacked to two guys in the year 2006. No more sightings were identified after the attack to the boys.

Sighting/video summary

In 2006, two guys who were doing a sort of trip around Norway, were looking for (so to speak) an adventure. They passed through several places where passage was forbidden (and that was not because of a policy on private property), until they stopped, got out of the car, and started hearing strange sounds, and after a few minutes, a creature appeared and it chased the guys to their car where (possibly) it would end up devouring them.


Analyzing the video, what appears to be a hooded man with his mouth open appears, but in reality, is the back of the creature.


Some people think that it is a pig, but much bigger, almost as tall as a person. There is also the probability that it is an Entelodon or Diaenodon, which fit the description.


Scary last footage

Scary last footage

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