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Noruegan unknown creature

The Unknown Norwegian Creature, was a species of wild animal that lived in the forests of Norway.

Sighting/video summary[]

In 2006, in Norway, two guys made a trip by car, but they were also looking for an adventure, as they passed several fences that prohibited the passage, and not because they were private properties. After several cuts, the boys get out of the car, and they start to hear strange sounds, and suddenly a strange creature appears that chases the boys to their car, where that would devour them.


In the video the creature has a very confusing appearance. On one hand, the creature appears to be a pale-colored guy with a hood and his mouth open. On the other hand, and although this sounds consistent with what is seen in the video, it is somewhat likely that what is seen is not what it seems. It is possible that the supposed hood and the open mouth of the humanoid figure are actually the creature's back and eye socket, as well as a spot where its supposed snout would go. If the true appearance is taken, this creature would be some kind of quadruped, presumably a pig or cow. The creature even makes sounds similar to those of a pig, only deeper in tone, and even furious at times.


If the possibility of the hooded guy is taken into account, it is probably some kind of specter. It is unknown why he would make such sounds. Regarding the possibility of the pig/cow, this would make more sense with the sounds, since as said, they are similar to those of a pig, but deeper in tone. A few theories have emerged from this possibility. The most likely is that it is an unknown species of the aforementioned pig and cow, with the difference that it is presumably a carnivore, apparently devouring the boys at the end of the video. Taking this into account, it has been said that it could be a Daenodon or Entelodon, pig-like creatures that became extinct 28.4 million and 19 million years ago. It may be that a member of these species has survived, considering hundreds of cases of sightings of creatures that match in definition animals already extinct. A small assumption says that this creature could be Sheepsquatch, a humanoid goat-like being. However, the assumption is inconsistent with what is seen in the video, because if the second possibility is taken into account, no horns are seen on the creature, in addition to the fact that Sheepsquatch walks in a bipedal position, while the one in the video is apparently quadrupedal.


It is very likely that the video and the creature are fake. The first reason of this is because of what was said above about the possibility of the hooded guy. It could be a normal guy in a hood, although a normal person would be unlikely to look that creepy, not to mention that the hood looks pretty much like skin. And the second is that the sounds of the creature are repeated a lot, in addition to sounding out of the environment, probably because they were added in post-production, if the video had production. Because of this, it is debatable whether the video is real or not.



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