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The Unknown Norwegian Creature, was a species of wild animal that lived in the forests of Norway.

Sighting/video summary

In 2006, in Norway, two men made a trip by car, but they were also looking for an adventure, as they passed several fences that prohibited the passage, and not because they were private properties. After several cuts, the boys get out of the car, and they start to hear strange sounds, but suddenly a strange creature appears that chases the boys to their car, where that would probably devour them.


In the video the creature has a very confusing appearance. One might think that the being has a hooded guy appearance, but simply this is detached from what is more bet, that this being is a kind of pig or cow. It could be that it is a kind of quadruped with a spot similar to a human face. It is not known with much specificity.


If you take into account what a hooded guy might be, then it could be said to be a specter or something like that, but his purposes for killing would be unknown. In the case of the pig/cow theory, it is thought to be a new species of quadruped animal, perhaps a species of cow or pig. It is also said that it is a species of Daeodon or Entelodon, creatures similar to pigs that went extinct 28.4 million and 19 million years ago, which agree well in the description of the creature. It is also said that it is a cryptid called Sheepsquatch, but since Sheepsquatch is an animal with a goat's appearance, it is not known with certainty if this is true.



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