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Undiscovered Megafauna
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Country Megafauna cryptids are seen all over the world, but the most likely candidate is the Congo
Habitat Thick undisturbed forests and jungles
Possible Population Very small

Undiscovered megafauna are hypothetical megafauna organisms that have went undiscovered. Sightings of undiscovered megafauna are common, and it is a certainty that there are still species that are yet to be discovered, but the question is, what creatures are they? How big are they? Are any animals presumed to be extinct actually alive? Well, the answer is, like all things, inconsistent. New species are discovered constantly, though, of course, only the impressive ones get attention. Most academics and cryptozoological sceptics believe there are no undiscovered species in developed countries such as America and Europe, and that the only undiscovered megafaun left would be aquatic, with a tiny minority even suggesting we have discovered all aquatic megafauna too. Of course there is more to be discovered in the oceans, but on land, the chances lower. Cryptids such as Mokele Mbembe, the Burronjour, and others are examples of potential undiscovered megafauna. However, most undiscovered megafauna are living fossils such as dinosaurs, and while it is likely some living fossil cryptids such as the Thyacine and Orang Pendek are real, it is highly unlikely a dinosaur, pterosaur or plesiosaur [which are one of the most common undiscovered megafauna cryptids] could survive and go undetected in the fossil record to this day. The possibility, however, must not be ruled out, as it is near impossible that all witnesses to undiscovered megafauna are lying, and some may have even seen something science has not recognised.