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Type Unidentified Flying Objects
First Sighting 1,500 BCE
Last Sighting Present
Country World
Habitat Anywhere
Possible Population Unknown

UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) are any unidentified objects that fly. Some believe sightings to be misidentification and/or hoaxes, as most are. Some believe sightings to be of Atmospheric Beasts, while others believe the sightings to be of demons or other spirits, but most believers in the phenomenon say they are extraterrestrial spacecraft, and most say the existence of said extraterrestrials is being covered up by one or more governments.

Men In Black

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Sometimes after an alien abduction, contact, and/or sightings people claim to see men in black attempting to silence them often threatening them with their life or safety. This has happened to various people who have seen UFOs such as the witness of the Solway Forth Spaceman.

UFO Sightings

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In cryptozoology, the term UFO–or unidentified flying object–refers to a suspected alien spacecraft, although its definition encompasses any unexplained aerial phenomena. UFO sightings have been reported throughout recorded history and in various parts of the world, raising questions about life on other planets and whether extraterrestrials have visited Earth. They became a major subject of interest–and the inspiration behind numerous films and books–following the development of rocketry after World War II with Foo Fighters Appearing During WWII.