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Two-Toed Tom also known as Demon Gator or Tom is a large alligator in the Southern United States usually sighted at the Florida-Alabama border. They call him Two-toed Tom because he lost all but two toes to a steel trap. Some reports claim he is 30 feet long, 4.5 meters in length, and that it had been terrorizing the town for decades.


The Legend

Some have indicated that it was no mere alligator, possessing red eyes, and was immensely powerful, being able to tear a horse in half with its teeth. Some say, he wreaked havoc during the 1900s. As the rumors spread, people believed that it was a demon sent from Hell, having sinister intentions for whoever was unfortunate enough to encounter it. Not only was Two-Toed Tom believed to attack people and animals, it was also believed to rape women that were alone in the swamps. Tracks of a massive alligator with only two toes were seen as recently as the 1980s. The stories began to circulate in the 1920s; this story was eventually recorded by the University of Alabama professor, Carl Carmer, while he was visiting the state to write his travelogue. The locals decided to take matters into their own hands. A hefty bounty was supposedly offered for Two-Toed Tom, and hunters scouring the swamp supposedly often shot the beast but it was unfazed, laid steel traps which it managed to mostly avoid. It proved to be very good at eluding those who would kill it. Despite the use of guns and dynamite, locals could never kill it, thus the beast would go on to wreak havoc for 20 years. One of the accounts for the beast was that of Pap Haines, a farmer who had bought 40 acres of land. Despite being told that Two-toed Tom was simply a myth, Pap discovered that one of his mules were torn apart, he then saw trails of two-footed paw prints and blood that led to a pond. He decided to kill the monster once and for all. With the help of his sons, Pap filled 15 syrup buckets with sticks of dynamite, and started tossing them into the pond. Soon after, the pond was completely destroyed, leaving it seemingly impossible for anything to survive. However, screaming was heard from a nearby pond, he and his sons were face to face with the remains of Haine's 12-year old granddaughter, who had come out to see what all the commotion was about. Concluding that Two-toed- Tom most likely knew of their intentions and was able to escape, Haines would continue his vendetta with the alligator, and ultimately dies bitter and unfulfilled.

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