Tripodero (Collapsofemuris geocatapeltes) is a mysterious creature from the California wilderness. It was described to have two contractile or telescopic legs and a kangaroo-like tail that it uses to balance itself while aiming. However, four-legged varieties of the Tripodero have also been seen. These lack the long tail. The Tripodero's body is not large but is solidly built, and its head is nearly all snout.

The Tripodero lives in areas of dense bush and undergrowth, hunting for birds and other small animals that are its main source of food. When it sees some prey, the tripodero slowly extends its legs, thereby raising its body above the brush. When it has a clear line of sight, the Tripodero then shoots a mud pellet (a supply of which it stores in its left cheek) out of its blowgun-like snout, then the prey is stunned and the Tripodero can then consume it. The Tripodero is a lethal creature of extreme accuracy and calculation who rarely misses.

When its legs are not extended, the Tripodero can move quite rapidly and stealthily through bush, although is still easily outrun by other woodland creatures. Though outmatched in speed, the Tripodero's natural firearm proves to be the great equalizer against its potential meal. With its legs extended, the Tripodero can be a very dangerous predator. Lurking over the bush, it can easily spot potential prey. 

Further reading

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