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Standing Bigfoot

The Todd Standing Bigfoot footage [or Todd Standing 'Bigfootage'] is a series of videos of strange creatures claimed to be Sasquatches taken by controversial Bigfoot researcher and suspected hoaxer Todd Standing. Despite his footage being considered dubious by many due to the human face ratios shown in it, the inconsistencies of the creatures and one video showing an alleged Sasquatch almost tripping up while running up a steep hill, most cryptid enthusiasts are happy that Todd has helped a witness file a lawsuit against the government for not recognising Sasquatch as a species. The most controversial of his footage are the 'Blinky Bigfoot' and 'Muppet Bigfoot' shown in his documentary 'Discovering Bigfoot'.


Todd Standing Bigfoot Running along a ledge - Breakdown.


Bigfoot vs Bigfoot - Todd Standing vs Patterson footage (ThinkerThunker)


Discovering Bigfoot Trailer