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Tipperary Wolfmen
Tipperary Wolfman
Type Werewolf
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting 1999
Country Ireland
Habitat Cities and villages -wherever humans live
Possible Population Unknown, possibly in it's millions or simply hundreds

In Tipperary and Ossary, there are legends of Werewolf-like creatures, as opposed to the slightly more mainstream [though still very fringe] Irish hairy humanoids, the Gruagach and other 'Wildmen'. As of February 2021, there have been only two modern sightings of the creature, and only one has any detail, time or date given.

Modern Sightings[]

In 2009, an anonymous person reported to UK Bigfoot researcher Deborah Hatswell that they had saw what they at one point called a 'haunted dog' in the road between Newpoint and Rearcross in South Tippery, the Republic of Ireland. Late at night during the cold winter of 1999, the person who reported the sighting was driving home with their aunt, uncle and cousin, when they saw an elderly man on the road. The street lights were off for whatever reason, it was cold, they only saw him for a few seconds and only saw him because their garden light was on, since it was pitch black. When they drove past him, he dissapeared and when they looked back they saw a huge dog with glowing red eyes. Nothing else came of the encounter, and nobody had seen the creature before or since except in the legends, and in one other sighting. Another anonymous witness reported seeing similiar creature at Ballymacward in a lane near a train station in 1913. Two fifteen year old boys say they heard growling from behind a wall, so they looked over, only to see a man with a bear's head. After attempting to talk to the creature, it rudely said "Don't talk to me.".


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In Ireland, there have been sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures aswell. For example, in Ballyboley forest in Northern Ireland, a couple claimed to have seen what they thought was a human crouched down in a clearing, before they approached it and it stood up to reveal it was naked, covered in hair and was eight foot tall.

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