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Smilodon populator Rom-diz

The South American sabre-tooth Smilodon populator reconstructed by Wikipedia user Rom-diz.

The Tigre dantero or Wairarima is a cryptid cat reported from the cloud forests of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, and supposedly parts of Paraguay. Some sightings describe it as striped, others as unmarked, but all agree that it is a shy, long-fanged, short-tailed cat the size of or smaller than a jaguar. It is speculated to be a living descendant of Smilodon populator.

It was first reported by a French itinerant named Picquet, who claimed to have caught a glimpse of one in the Ecuadorean-Colombian jungles. One of the most (in)famous and controversial incidents regarding these cats allegedly occurred in 1975 in Paraguay, when an animal identified as a Smilodon by zoologist Juan Acavar was supposedly shot, but formally identified as a "mutant jaguar" with a jaw deformity. The original source for this story is unknown, as is the fate of the "mutant jaguar"'s body. The most recent recorded sighting occurred in 1991 near Venezuela's Carrao River, where a Pemon hunter named Tirson Sosa claimed to have seen a large-fanged cat with a short tail, a tan coat, and stocky forelimbs emerge from a thicket to drink from a pool of water.

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