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Tiddalik in disco zoo.

Tiddalik is an indigenous dreamtime legend in Australia that was first recorded in the late 1800s. It is said that it drank all of the water in Australia and caused a flood.


The tiddalik is described as a giant species of Cyclorana. Cyclorana is a genus of tree frogs from Australia that are entirely terrestrial, unlike its many arboreal relatives. Surviving in the most arid areas of Australia, frogs in the cyclorana genus can survive for over four years underground after storing a large amount of water in their bladder. This has given them the name "Water-Holding Frogs." Due to fact that they store an immense amount of water in their bodies, the Tiddalik is most likely a species of Cyclorana, or at least inspired by Water-Holding Frogs.


In the telling of the myth, Tiddalik awoke one morning with an unquenchable thirst, and began to drink until all the fresh water was greedily consumed. Creatures and plant life everywhere began to die due to lack of moisture. Other animals conspired against Tiddalik, and devised a plan for him to release all of the water he had consumed. This was successfully coordinated by a wise old Owl, when Nabunum the eel made Tiddalik laugh when he tied himself in comical shapes. As Tiddalik laughed, the water rushed out of him to replenish the lakes, swamps, and rivers.

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