• Hey folks, new to the forum here, but happy to on it.

    I’m no expert by any means, just an enthusiast for cryptids and mythical creatures. I just started a YouTube channel where I have some fun talking about creatures as I learn about them. It’s fun to make, and I hope you guys like it. I’m in need of some real feedback about what I’m doing, and please be honest. I’m trying to make the best content I can.

    Here is the link to the most current episode

    I talk about the Michigan Dogman which I just learned of, and I think is really cool. Let me know what you think and let’s talk about creatures! I’m eager to learn and make more stuff like this.

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    • Cool! Video was great!

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    • Thanks man! Anything you would want to see me talk about?

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    • IDK the Pennsylvanian White Bigfoot of the 1970s is an interesting case

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    • Thank you for making this channel.

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    • I’ll look into that for sure! I’ll make it my first video back from a quick holiday break. Doing a Krampus video this Thursday for obvious holiday reasons haha.

      And tribal, thank you very much for that, glad you like the channel. It’s a blast to make and I hope you’re get a lot of fun out of it.

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    • It's pretty good. There are a bunch of problems with my Youtube account right now, but whenever it starts working again I'll subscribe. I also have a couple suggestions for future videos. I would love to see a video on the Gruagach, a Bigfoot-like creature seen in Ireland, mostly in the North-East. I've actually seen one of these, found their footprints, filmed one, and recorded the vocalisations of them. If you do decide to do a video on it, here's a list of all the reported sightings I know of [in no particular order]:

      1. Ballyboley Forest, Northern Ireland, 8 foot tall chimp-like creature seen [1998]

      2. Ballyboley Forest. Northern Ireland, screams and dark figures [2005]

      3. Irish Castle haunted by 'Wildman' [1930s]

      4. Slieveanorra Forest, Northern Ireland, 'Bigfoot' photographed [2016]

      5. Slieveanorra howls and screams, Northern Ireland [2017]

      6. Castlewellan Forest Park, Northern Ireland four foot hairy creature [2016]

      7. 7 foot tall human-like ape seen on Lurgan road, Northern Ireland, [1998]

      8. 8 foot tall dark figure watches witness, Brackagh [2017]

      9. Giant hairy humanoid seen in the Sperrin mountain range, Northern Ireland [2015]

      10. My sighting, Ballyboley Forest, Northern Ireland [2018]

      11. Humanoid creature filmed near Blessington lake, Ireland [2012]

      12. Strange creature photographed in Courtown, Ireland [2014]

      13. Ape-man seen in Doora, Ireland [2000]

      14. My recording of a strange 'whomp', Ballyboley forest, Northern Ireland [2018]

      15. My recording of a strange howl, Ballyboley forest, Northern Ireland [2018]

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    • What a rich suggestion, absolutely will do. Would I be able to use your footage in my video? I’ll credit it to you 100%

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    • Certainly yes! It's a bit blurry, so I reccomend you also put these crude enhancements I did in the video. I've finally got my Youtube account working again, at least for now, so I will subscribe to your channel.

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    • Got a new video up on the channel, just a fun Christmas song I think you will all enjoy! Merry Christmas: Love, Bigfoot

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    • Wouldn’t let me share the link on my previous comment

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    • Good luck

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    • A FANDOM user
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