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The X Creatures is a British documentary television series that was produced by the BBC in 1998, which was broadcast in 1999 on BBC 1. It was presented by Chris Packham, and examined the possibility of the existence of cryptozoological creatures.

The name of the show was a reference to the popular fictional television show The X-Files. Each episode (there were six in all, each lasting 30 minutes) involved Chris Packham travelling to a certain place on Earth where the creature supposedly exists, and examining eye witness accounts, as opposed to searching for the creature. No VHS or DVD releases were ever made.

List Of Episodes[]

# Title Plot Date
1 Yeti, Myths & Men This episode looked at two hominid cryptids - the Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman from the Himalayas, and then the Orang Pendek from Sumatra. 26 August 1998
2 Alien in the Abyss This episode looked at a creature that is known to exist, despite the fact that at the time so little was known about it - the Giant Squid. 2 September 1998
3 Loch Ness: Fathoming the Monster A look at the legendary Loch Ness Monster. It also looks at the existence of a giant lizard - Megalania in Australia. 9 September 1998
4 Shooting the Bigfoot A look at Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch of North America. In particular, there was an attempt to debunk the Patterson-Grimlin Film. 16 September 1998
5 Big Cats in a Little Country A look at the existence of big cats in the wild of England. 23 September 1998
6 Beyond the Jaws of Extinction A look at the possible existence of the Thylacine from Australia, which is supposedly extinct. 30 September 1998