The Mysterious Monkey Man of Whangarei
Type Bigfoot
First Sighting Whangarei, New Zealand, June 12, 2016
Last Sighting Whangarei, New Zealand, June 12, 2016
Country New Zealand
Habitat Unknown
Possible Population Unknown

The Story

June 12, 2016

As Jack (name changed after request of anonymity) was getting prepared to go to bed one evening, he heard a mysterious crash outside. He headed outside to investigate. To his surprise, he saw a large monkey-like man that stood tall and upright. The creature promptly disappeared and was never seen again. Immediately after the encounter he returned and took a photograph of the creatures wet tracks it left on his deck (right).

The Creature

Jack estimated that it stood at 1.8m (5'11") and was covered in dark brown-black coloured hair or fur. It had a wide body with long arms and thick legs. The darkness obscured it below the knees so it's feet could not be made out. The creature had broad shoulders and a cone-shaped head. It had a flat ape-like nose and dark, reflective eyes.


One supposed explanation is a Moehau, as they have been reported nearby, though they do not match the sighting completely.

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