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The Merman at the Museum of Sea Monsters in Iceland.

The Merman is a monster from Iceland. It is described as follows; nothing like the mermaids of children’s fairytales. This creature is over two meters tall as it stands on its hind legs. It is described as the ugliest thing one could ever see. The belly hangs down as the creature drags it by the surface. The Merman is said to have long hind legs angled underneath it and very short hand like front legs with claws. The skin resembles a larvae skin as it is almost transparent. Its face is the worst part, round staring eyes and the mouth flashes a set of long saber like teeth. (By

It is also called "Hafmaður", meaning "Sea Man".

It is said that when a sailor spots one out at sea, it is a sign that a storm or death will soon occur.

They will sometimes come up on small inlets or secluded beaches to escape bad weather. (Storms, for example.) They most often come ashore at night and will avoid crowds and sharp noises. If seen on land, it is considered bad luck to harass them.

They will try to drive men into the sea, and can be very ferocious. Bullets cannot harm them, they will shake them from their fur like it was nothing.


The Merman was last sighted during the 19th century.


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