On April 17th, 1956, in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Samuel Jansen encountered an odd thing. A grey hairy creature, around four feet tall, with oddly angled legs and slim and bony arms, running through the marshes.

Samuel had been out fishing in the bay, and had only just returned, through the network of estuaries that snake through the marshes in the area, when it happened. He'd gotten out of his boat, with a length of rope, to drag it onto the dry ground. When he turned to look back at his boat, a strange creature was reaching out into the boat to grab one of Samuel's caught fish. A haddock. The creature looked at Samuel for a second, and then galloped off in an odd loping way, with the fish it'd grabbed.

Samuel high-tailed himself and his story to the local police. A small search proceeded, but was quickly called off. It received a small paragraph in the local newspaper, but nothing more.

Now it mostly survives as a story on the playgrounds of the area's schools.

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