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The Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase is a strange girl with black eyes sighted around Cannock Chase, known for its paranormal activity. Cannock Chase is located in England and is also home to the infamous Pigman. Aliens are also reported around this area. The black eyed child was said to be a victim of the diphtheria outbreak of the 1800s. Diphtheria was known to make people's eye sockets appear sunken.


A team of ghosthunters who had their own show called The Haunted Finders explored Cannock Chase in hopes of catching the Black Eyed Child on camera. After six hours of searching, they claimed to be successful. The video they took is argued over, whether it is a hoax or not, because it seems pretty obvious that the thing they caught could have been an animal, as it shows a quick clip of them moving the camera around the woods, and in the background you see some human-shaped figure sneaking around. Here is the video:


Black Eyed Child Ghost Caught on Tape Cannock Chase

Another person who was flying a drone around the farmland of Cannock Chase during the daytime claimed to have captured one of the ghosts on tape, walking around the forests. The ghost captured seems to be that of a girl in a white or grey dress with a shaded face that is hard to make out, due to some bad quality tape. Whether the legend of the Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase is true or not, people are definitely seeing something in the woods.


The child hasn't been confirmed a hoax, but there has been a hoaxed video.


Black eyed girl Cannock Chase ghost - quadcopter drone footage

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