The Thanacth (or Tanacht) is a bizarre cryptid from India, sighted in the 16th century by European travelers and some locals. They are described as a tail-less, tiger-like creatures, covered in tawny fur, featuring a human-like face with long head-hair. It also has a snub nose, is covered in black, frizzly fur, and has tiger-like back paws, and human-like fore hands. French explorer André Thevet claimed to have seen it in the sixteenth century.

Possible Explanation

The Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang) has only a stub of a tail, and its face looks human-like. It lives in the rain forests of northeast India. However, it’s only about 15 inches long. Other misidentifications may include a Bengal Tiger, or a living specimen of the Megaladapis or Palaeopropithecus, giant tail-less, humanoid lemurs, or possible some other kind of primate. They almost fit the description, however, they lived only in Madagascar.

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