The Ghost Dog is a ghost presumably of a dog sighted in Tennessee, mainly in Eastern Tennessee. It is described as being very large, and solid black in color.


Witnesses claim that the large, black dog barks and growls at locals, and is known to occasionally bite victims before disappearing. Other locals claim to hear loud, deep barking at night.


The Ghost Dog is featured in one of Billschannel's Real Or Fake videos, where he goes to visit a family in Tennessee. He and a local resident trekked into the nearby woods, hoping to find answers. The 2 eventually find 3 wooden dog houses, all of them rotting and withering away. Behind the dog houses is a large pit, almost as if it was a dog fighting ring.

Billschannel theorized that the Tennessee Ghost Dog could be the ghost of a dog killed in a dog fight. Could the Ghost Dog be the ghost of a dog trying to seek revenge? Is it a demon? Is it simply a normal dog? The topic is left up for debate, as Billschannel determined the anomaly to be unknown.


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