An artists interpretation of Teke Teke.

Teke Teke (Shining), also spelled as Teke-Teke, Teketeke, and Teke teke, is a Japanese cryptid and urban legend about the ghost of a young woman or schoolgirl who is said to have fallen onto a railway line, where her body was cut in half by a train.

She is an onryō, or a vengeful spirit, who lurks in urban areas and around train stations at night. Since she no longer has a lower body, she travels on either her hands or elbows, dragging her upper torso and making a scratching or "teke teke"-like sound.

If she encounters an individual, she will chase them and slice them in half at the torso, killing them in such a way that mimics her own disfigurement.


Common elements of the legend include that "Teke Teke" is the vengeful ghost or spirit of a young woman or schoolgirl who was executed by being sliced in half. Missing her lower extremities, she is said to walk on her hands or her elbows, making a scratching or "Teke Teke"-like sound as she moves. If an individual encounters Teke Teke at night, she will chase them and cut their body in half (often with a scythe), mimicking her own death.

One version of the story concerns a young woman known as Kashima Reiko, who is said to have died when her legs were severed from her body by a train. According to legend, her legless spirit haunts bathroom stalls, asking occupants if they know where her legs are. 

If a questioned individual replies with an answer that Kashima does not find acceptable, she will rip or cut their legs off. Individuals may survive the encounter by replying that her legs are on the Meishin Expressway, or by responding with the phrase "kamen shinin ma", or "mask death demon" (which may be the phonetic root of Kashima's name).

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