Teakettler 3

A Teakettler, drawn in the artist's understanding.

The Teakettler (Urocyon iugulebesonia) is a “fearsome critter” from North American lumberjack tales originating in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


It resembles a small stubby legged dog with the ears of a cat.

It gets its name from the sound it makes, which is akin to that of a boiling tea kettle. It only walks backwards (apparently by choice) and steam emits from its mouth as it makes its whistle. Only a few lumberjacks claim to have seen one, as the creature is so shy, but if a boiling kettle is heard and nowhere to be found, it could be that a Teakettler is nearby.

In literature

An account is given by Jorge Luis Borges under "Fauna of the United States" in the Book of Imaginary Beings, a book that contains 120 mythical beasts of folklore and literature.

Further reading

"Teakettler" from Paul Bunyan Natural History (1935) by Charles E. Brown


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