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The Sykesville Monster is a hairy humanoid from Sykesville, Maryland, which has been sighted since the 1970s.


The Sykesville Monster is a 7 to 8 feet tall hairy humanoid. It is dark brown in color. Casts of the monster's footprints were taken, which are 13 inches long and 7 inches wide.


Sightings of the Sykesville Monster begun in 1972. It was sighted by a truck driver who observed it sitting down before it got up and ran into the woods. The truck driver, who remained anonymous, said it "could have been a man on stilts" and seemed to be "caked with mud from the waist down."

In 1981, a man named Lon Strickler was fishing in the Patapsco River when he noticed a stray dog barking at a large clump of brush. Suddenly a 7 to 8 foot hairy man emerged from the brush, causing the dog to attack. The creature fought back the dog which then ran away. After witnessing this, Strickler drove to a phone and called the police. While he was initally told to stay at the scene and wait, he was told to leave once police officers arrived. He returned to the location hours later noticing that the scene was taped off and several state and federal vechicles were in the area. Strickler tried to get answers from state officals for several days but to no avail. He also contacted several news stations about the incident, who were at first interested but later did not want to talk.

Sightings of the Sykesville Monster have also been seen in Woodstock and Marriotsville, Maryland.


Following Strickler's encounter, residents are suspicious of the police, who feel like they covered up the incident. No records of the Sykesville Monster exist in the police department.

A theory of the Sykesville Monster is that it is an escaped patient from the nearby Springfield State Hospital. Following these rumors, Dr. Fred Pokrass, superintendent of the hospital stated that "nothing out of the ordinary has come to my attention." However he did state that 10-12 people have taken unauthorized leaves, one or two considered to be "dangerous" to themselves or others.

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