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Strigois, Strzyga or Štrigun are spirits similar to vampires or warlocks who have led troubled lives from Romania, Croatia and other Slavic countries. They became well-known after appearing in the Witcher video game series.

In modern appearances, it appears as an antagonist in the book series Vampire Academy. The protagonist Dimitri Belikov gets turned into a Strigoi in the book series.


Most Strigois have crimson red hair, indigo eyes and two hearts. However, they normally take the form of other creatures. They survive by sucking blood and normally transform into animals. It is said that strigois haunt villages during the night, when they get out of their graves to feed themselves with animals' blood. In the Romanian culture, when an animal was sick it was said that it might have been the victim of a strigoi.

In Croatian culture the word Štrigon has been associated with witches and vampires, the most well known of such being Jure Grando and Baba Yaga/Baba Roga.

How to become a Strigoi[]

  • Lead a troubled or unfinished life.
  • Be born out of wedlock.
  • Die before being baptized.
  • Die unnaturally.
  • Birth defects.
  • According to old legends - a person could be born with two souls, and as a result, only one soul was baptized, so after death, the unbaptized soul couldn't leave the body, resulting in them becoming a strzyga.
  • According to Vampire Academy, there are two ways to become a Strigoi. The first way is that a Strigoi drinks the blood of their victim, then forces the victim to drink Strigoi blood. The other way is for someone to willingly drink the blood of a Strigoi to become one.

How to prevent or remove a Strigoi[]

  • Bury a bottle of whisky with the corpse.
  • Destroy the corpse before its buried.
  • Exhume the body, then destroy.
  • The typical spike/stake through the heart.
    Lost tapes 1

    Strigoi from the TV Show Lost Tapes