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The squasholiger is a fearsome critter which is said to be a special variety of squash. They grow just like any other squash on vines, only heaps larger. As they ripen, their eyes and legs come out and their month opens, and just before they're ready to walk, a piece of the vine turns into a tail, and then they go away. Their green color helps them hide in the underbrush. They stay around the place and live on bugs and insects, so you see they're a considerable help.

Similar Story

In some Romanian Mythology it is said a pumpkin or a watermelon that doesn't rot within a month of its ripening will become a vampire, either growing a mouth and teeth or using its vine like a proboscis.

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"The Squasholiger" from Yarns of the Big Woods (1922-1295) by Art Childs

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