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Art of Specter Moose

Artist's deception of the Specter Moose

The Specter Moose is a very large, heavy , white moose from the state of Maine, where it is known to pop up in town before bad things happen, similar to the Mothman.


The specter moose was first seen in 1891, by a hunting guide near Lobster lake in Maine. The Specter Moose was also sighted twice again, the second time in which the Specter Moose had been shot at by a hunter who fired Slugs at him. The slugs reportedly had no effect and bounced off, and the Moose charged at him. The next year, a New York sportsman named Howard Van Ness was hunting. He shot the moose, who he described as weighing a ton, being as tall as a camel, with magnificent antlers. The moose had not been affected and again, came at Van Ness.

The moose was not seen again until 1985, when a taxidermist spotted the moose. The moose was seen yet again in 1899, where Gilman Brown saw the moose-and counted 22 points on each side. A normal moose only has 8-12


The Specter Moose could be a Piebald or an Albino moose

A variation on Moose that developed among Albino moose

In popular culture[]

The specter moose appears in Red Dead Redemption 2(RDR2)