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Known narwhals are exclusively found in the Northern hemisphere, but there have reports of them in the Southern Ocean. [1]



In 1615 Dutch explorer Willem Schouten was on a trip in the Southern ocean which his ship was attacked by an unknown animal. The day after they found a horn lodged in the ship about 1 foot or 30 centimeters long.[1][2]


French general Augustin de Beaulieu saw two dark porpoise-like animals below South of Africa. He said it had a horn about 1.5 feet or 45 centimeters long. He also described a high fin on the animal, while known narwhals only have a bony ridge.[3][4]


In 1892 the Balaena saw a narwhal by the Bransfield Strait, pretty close to the Antarctic Mainland. The men on board were experienced whalers who clearly saw the horn, even using the whalers term for a narwhal, Uni. [5]


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