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Albino pteranodon by daizua123-dag8r5r

Albino Pterosaur by daizua123


In South Carolina, a white, orange eyed thunderbird has reportedly been encountered by drivers traveling through the state. Reports of mysterious bird like creatures date back to the Native Americans of the region.

Native American Accounts[]

The Santee are a Native American people of South Carolina. According to A Few Great Stories of the Santee People, gathered and Edited by Robert Frerichs and Paul A. Olson,


"...The Wakinyan are thunderbirds. Kinyan is the Santee verb to fly and these creatures are represented as very mysterious and powerful birds. Dorsey records that the Santee believe that there are four different manifestations of the thunderbirds, which are the carriers of Wakinyan's power." In modern day South Carolina, there have been several sightings of pterosaur like thunderbirds.


2004 Sighting[]

In the summer of 2004, a couple driving towards Myrtle Beach hear a loud flapping sound described as " someone's laundry had come off the line and was getting blown around. Like a big bed sheet getting hit by gusts of wind. Except we were in the woods and there were too many trees around for it to be laundry blowing around." Soon, a large, "pterodactyl" like creature was reported flying after the car. After the encounter was over, a grayish snotty stain was smeared over the driver's side of the window. The witnesses reported the creature to be white colored.


Pickens, South Carolina Report[]


Susan Wooten's sketch from 1989

In 2013, a report surfaced of an encounter three years earlier of a similar pterosaur like creature. "It had leather-like wings and was almost as big across as the windshield. I did not get a good look because it was dark, but it had almost orange-reddish eyes and swooped up before it smashed into the windshield of the car. The whole time I was pumping the brakes afraid it was going to smash into the car. I told my parents but they tried to convince me it was a bat - but I told them 'No, it was way too big.' Then one year later, my Dad told me he saw the same thing flying towards the windshield of his car on the same road and same spot. My Brother also saw it in the backyard as he was taking out scraps."


1989 Sighting[]

There had been a sighting between Greenville and Florence, South Carolina in 1989 by a witness named Susan Wooten. Susan was travelling on highway 20 to Florence and the sighting happened in a wooded and swampy area at 3 p.m. The wingspan is 12-15 feet, no feathers, leathery wings, a head appendage behind the head, and it also has a long tail distinguishable from its feet.