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Sliver Cat

Fearsome Critters! - (2008) - Richard Svensson

The Sliver Cat (Felis glabraspiculata) is a bizarre creature which was first reported by the the frontiersmen of North America, which have since become known as fearsome critters. It is said to be a large arboreal feline creature, with adults weighing in at 300 lbs, sporting tasseled ears and possessed of horizontal rather than vertical slits in its red eyes. The Sliver Cat’s most distinguishing feature its its tail, however. Eleven feet long and as powerful as that of any boa constrictor, it ends in a bony club-like growth which is spiked on one side (much like the thagomizers evolved by dinosaurs such as the Stegosaurus), yet smooth and hard on the other. They are rumored to make their lairs in the highest boughs of the tallest trees.


Fearsome critters (1939)

Feeding Habits[]

An ambush predator by nature, a Sliver Cat will wait in the branches of a low-slung tree until something tempting wanders beneath. At that point, the Sliver Cat will knock its victim senseless with the rounded side of its tail, before hooking the spiked side into the poor unfortunate creature in order to drag the victim up into its roost to be devoured at leisure. It is because of this behavior that Sliver Cats are said to be so dangerous to humans who are unaware of their existence.

Mating Rituals[]

During the mating season, a male Sliver Cat will beat his tail against his chest like a drum (being sure to use the smooth side, of course) to play a rhythm which will attract female Sliver Cats.

Further reading[]

"The Silver Cat" from Fearsome Critters (1939) by Henry H. Tryon