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Skin Fin[]

Skin Fin Is a lake monster that is said to inhabit lake Powell Arizona United States, it is said that the creature possesses a large dorsal fin like that of a shark, a body built like an elephant, the flat wide tail of a manatee, and a head and neck like a miniature brontosaurus. Its skin is described as being a dark oily black and smooth like that of an eel.


While out on the lake one day in 1958 with his father, Eric Padgett was enjoying all the lake had to offer. The pair had been out waterskiing and had a rather enjoyable time, that is until they came face to face with Skin Fin. While his father pulled him behind the boat, the resident monster decided to make an appearance. A large neck and head broke the surface from below and positioned itself behind Eric. Seeing what was occurring, his father quickly turned the boat and sent Eric off to the side away from the head of the beast and down into the water. Skin Fin took notice of this as well and changed direction towards the boy, only now it was approaching with its mouth open and teeth showing. Mr. Padgett sped up and drove the boat directly into the path of Eric and Skin Fin and made quick work of pulling his son out of the water. As the monster approached the boat, it dove beneath the surface and disappeared after Eric was pulled out safely. The only thing left behind was a fast-moving wake. While most up-close encounters with these water beasts describe creatures more shy, standoffish, or curious

Possible Explanations[]

Bull Shark[]

The creature could possibly be a bull shark that travelled to the lake, since it’s said to posses a shark-like fin which sharks have, bull sharks can swim up to fresh waters and many bull sharks are found in lakes around North America.

Large Pike[]

Pikes can be found in lake powell, it’s possible that it was misidentified as lake monster.

Unknown species of manatee[]

manatees don’t live in lake Powell, but the lake is about 590 feet deep, so it’s possible that there can be a unknown species of it