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The Shore Laddie, also known as the Fjorulalli or Beach Walker, is a ram-sized creature found along the coasts of the Westfjords of Iceland.



The Fjorulalli has brownish-grey fur from which mussels and barnacles grow, a feature which lends it a distinctive scrape or “jingle” when it walks. Thus, an unwary traveller may be alerted to the presence of one of these beasts.

The Shore Laddie has been reported as having both webbed feet and hooves, although which version is the most accurate is up for debate.


The Shore Laddie

What if the Shore Laddie is actually the Montauk Monster, or related to it?


Whilst thought to be a herbivorous creature, the Laddie has also been claimed to feed upon sheep and women, especially pregnant ones.


  • The Shore Laddie is the most commonly sighted cryptid in Iceland.
  • The creature is most commonly seen during sheep breeding season and is commonly accused of impregnating ewes and creating deformed lambs.
  • The Fjorulalli has been sighted since the 1700s.


The Shore Laddie is said to at times act aggressively, whilst other reports state that it flees into the sea on those rare occasions when it is spotted by human observers.