The Shadow Panther is a creature that was spotted among the trees in the forest in a New Zealander's

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backyard. This creature appeared to be fully black, and did not seem to be a solid entity. Due to high winds the noise of the panther was not heard. It is very stealthy and can disappear at will usually after it is sighted. The panther is estimated to be about nearly up to 3 meters long including its tail. The most horrifying part about this panther, is the fact that there are no panthers in New Zealand besides ones that may have been illegally smuggled into the country by potential owners. The Shadow Panther is not known to either be good or evil, it simply exists for an unknown reason.


The panther could possibly eat birds as there are many broken branches from the pine trees all the time even if it is not windy. The fact that the birds live at the top of the massive 40 meter (possibly even taller) pine trees. No birds are ever heard in the forest and bird remains are sometimes spotted on the ground floor of the forest. This includes bones and feathers. The bones are usually always picked clean of flesh.

Possible Explanation

A melanistic cat, a possible explanation.

It could be an unknown entity of some sort, although it could also be a real panther. Panthers are all technically felidae

with melanism, so its exact species varies. It has never investigated because of the risk of being a cat with melanism. Neighbors also did report any sightings of a panther and sightings of Shadow People have been around the region often.

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