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Saurians are a race of bipedal reptilian humanoids that evolved from dinosaurs. While they are descendants of dinosaurs they have traits similar to modern day reptiles as well. They have scaly skin, a tail and reptilian eyes, nose, claws and feet. Because they are bipedal humanoids they walk on two legs instead of four like other reptiles and have two arms just like humans. Saurians also have a sticky tongue similar to some lizards and amphibians which is used to catch prey or grab hold of something. While Saurians are believed to be descendants of dinosaurs and have traits similar to modern day reptiles, they are also believed to be aliens or creatures from another planet. While having traits similar to modern day reptiles Saurians also have the ability to climb walls and surfaces that humans cannot climb.


Saurians have had sightings during the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s from several places across the world. There have been reports that some people have gotten video recordings and photographs of the existence of Saurians. Some people even claim to have found tools and weapons used by Saurians, claiming this as proof of their existence.


Sightings of Saurians have come from many locations across the world and the earliest sightings go as far back as the '70s. People who have sighted Saurians have described them as being as tall as a human with two legs, two feet, two arms, two hands, two eyes, a tail and scaly skin. While they are described as descendants of dinosaurs, there have also been UFO sightings in locations where people have seen Saurians which leads to the belief that they are aliens from another world. While UFOs have been spotted in the areas where Saurians have appeared, people have also claimed to have seen Saurians using tools and weapons similar to those of humans, showing that they are an evolved, intelligent species. Aside from using tools, weapons and UFOs there have also been reports of Saurians wearing clothes, despite this claim there have also been reports of some Saurians not wearing any outfits at all. Because of these claims it is possible that some Saurians wear clothes just like humans while others probably do not.


In popular culture[]

Saurians appear in many forms of pop culture or media.

  • Saurians appear in the Star Trek series where they are featured with scaly skin, reptilian eyes and nose and they are also shown as being bipedal.
  • Saurians are featured in the Mortal Kombat games where they are said to be evolved from dinosaurs, they also have traits similar to earth reptiles.
  • A single Saurian makes an appearance in the Dinosaurs Attack card game, in the game the Saurian is an alien like reptile with three fingered hands.
  • Saurians also make an appearance in the Final Fantasy game series, in the series they are known as Wild Saurians and look like earth dinosaurs.
  • Saurians are also featured in another video game series called Borderlands, in this video game series they are shown to have the appearance of dinosaurs.
  • Saurians also appear in the Star Wars films where they are described as having a reptilian like appearance and having a snake like head.
  • Saurians also make an appearance in the game Dragon's Dogma, in the game they look like earth reptiles and use weapons just like humans.