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The Sarmatian Sea Snail was a very odd creature that was depicted by a medieval bestiary entitled On Monsters and Marvels, by a French surgeon named Ambroise Pare.

Pare's source of this creature was Andre de Thevet's 20th volume of Cosmography. In this book, was a report of a massive, pawed, antlered, and completely grotesque gastropod from the Sarmatian (or an early name for the Baltic Sea) Sea. This wine cask thick "snail" was quickly distinguished by a numerous amount of unusual features. The first, and most noticeable, was the large, deer-like antlers bore upon its head. At the end of each antler branch was a small, spherical bulb, resembling pearls. While other gastropod's eyes sit upon optical stalks, this snail's eyes sat laterally upon its head. Even more oddly about their eyes, was the fact that they "glew like candles".

It even sported some feline features such as a cat-like nose and white whiskers! Below these whiskers hideously sat a wide slit of a mouth. While gastropods sport a locomotive "foot" this snail actually sported feet! Hooked paws to be more precise. It even boasted a lengthy, multi-colored and tigerine tail. As a matter of fact, the only snail-like feature was its large, whorled shell. 

Despite its hideous, and somewhat comical appearance, it was said to be a very timid and calm creature, typically staying at high sea. While primarily amphibious, it did come upon land and prey upon any marine flora growing underwater, or on shore. Its twisted flesh was said to be very tasty and healthy to eat, and its blood was said to have medicinal properties, supposedly curing leprosy!

The Sarmatian Sea Snail's peculiar appearance leaves experts hardly any argument or disregard. There are not many possibilities. Some experts have suggested a new species of amphibious gastropod, a deformed nudibranch, or misidentifications of other cryptids! Of course, most of these possibilities do not even closely resemble or rival the supposed sea snail. Nudibranchs do not exceed 2 feet in length! What is this fantastic and frightening beast of burden? You decide!



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