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Sakhalin Island Sea Wolf
Photograph of the creature
Photograph of the creature
Type Oceanic Cryptid
First Sighting August 28, 2006
Last Sighting Unknown
Country Russia
Habitat Arctic Ocean
Possible Population Unknown

Sakhalin Island Sea Wolf was a mutilated cetacean corpse that was found by Russian soldiers on the Sakhalin shoreline. Sakhalin area is situated near to Japan, it's the most eastern part of Russia, almost 5000 miles to East from Moscow. The Creature Has been indentified as a beluga carcass

According to a scientific survey, the bones and teeth are not of a fish. According to its skeletal remains, it was not a crocodile or alligator; its skull resembled that of a canine, while the creatures rear coincides with that of a fish. However the real identity can be concluded by looking at the skull, it's most likely some type of whale; particularly a beluga or an orca, with the skull matching that of such creatures (the little notch in the skull being seen in one of the photos).



  • This Cryptid is the direct inspiration for SCP-682. The "carcass" image was used to show what it looked like in a more destroyed form.
  • The most likely explanation for this cryptid is that it's a decomposed whale.