The Runan-shah is an ugly, vicious merperson reported in the Caspian Sea. Following the tradition of naming cryptids after their home, it is otherwise known as Casper.


Runan-shah is reported as having black or green hair, that looks like seaweed, and webbed feet and hands. It is very fat and has an enormous mouth. It is described as having a white color on its scaly skin. Runan-shah's behavior includes swimming with schools of fish, making deep throaty screams like a seal's, and is amphibious.


Not much is known about it except it lives in the Caspian Sea. The locals have only seen it a couple of times but they are always telling legends about it. This merperson still confuses people to this day.  In March 2005, an eyewitness account from the crew of Baku, was published in the newspaper: "That creature was swimming parallel course near the boat for a long time," Said Gafar Gasanof, the captain of the ship.  "At first we thought it was a big fish, but then we spotted hair on the head of the monster and its fins looked pretty strange....The front part of its body was equipped with arms!"

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